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Providing long term relief from neuromuscular pain myoskeletal dysfunction since 2003.

Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Massage, Cranio-Sacral, Frozen Shoulder, Fascial Release, Thoracic Outlet, Concussion

Frozen Shoulder, Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT), Neuromuscular Therapy, Fascial Release, Joint Mobilization, Myoskeletal Alignment, Myokinesthetic, Reiki


I will be creating a series of videos for Portland Manual Therapy to help people address common physiological conditions such as carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet, frozen shoulder, cervical​, thoracic, lumbar spine pathology, pelvic and gait..... Any pathophysiology of your choosing. We will pool our resources and make a video offering whatever advice we can regarding treatments, self care, couples care, and help finding appreciate practitioners....

Give us your ailment and we'll do what we can to help. You may even get a treatment, if you are willing to be in an educational video.

So, how can we help?

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Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage Kevin Raiten 535 Ocean Ave Portland, Maine (207) 615-7766 ..
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